Thursday, July 16, 2009

HI everyone, I just want to tell you Titan is on his way and will be here in 3 days, WHAT 3 DAYS? OMD dis can't be happening it is so quick, right around da corner. Oh my Oh my Oh my, i must get a few fings in place dat momma needs to take care of...Note to momma ...first we need to get him some kibble, yeah kibble he will like dat and don't forget to get a can of wet food to mix in, cause his odda mommy says he like it like dat, ok? Den we have to get him some chew toys, I will not sit,stand or lay down and BE the chew toy for dis pup, he gonna have to chew on somefin else des ears are closed for business, Annabelle darn near chewed dem raw. Got it chew toys for da teething puppy. Also while you're at it, you need to sanitize da water bottle in da crate, I don't like having da sanitizer on da paws so dis be your job...also, did you remember to have the crate talk wif Annabelle? HMMM? You know da one where you tell her da crate is not hers no more, dat she is a BIG GURL and she needs to share..HAHAHA I crack myself up, Annabelle share? PULLLEESE, she no share nuffin wif me but I share wif her, or rather she take my chewy's and I no put up no fight, so see I share wif her, sotra, right? Did you remember to call Aunie Erin and remind her to come and play wif us on Sunday? We loves when she watches us, she a cool chic, remind her where da cookies are too,K? I love my cookies! Speaking of chew toys, I fink I gonna need one too. I might want to goto my special place and enjoy a chewy and not Be the chewy, hehehehe, see I is a funny pup, I no BE da chewy, Barrooo.

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Rufus, Indie (and Anita) said...

You must be ready to welcome him! We can't wait to see pics of you together!

P.S.:Sorry, we have not been around much, but we are back!