Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year to all my Anipals…..I hope 2012 is a great year for you and your families. We are going to be having a few changes coming up in the new year, mom is staying on midnights and we are hoping daddy is going to the day shift, meaning we would get to sleep in with mommy in the morning and then daddy would be moment share the night time fun wif us. We love dat dey work opposite schedules so dat we are never alone for long periods of time. Mom promises we will get to see our Auntie Deanna more this year as dey want to take off for some staycations, so dat means we get to see our favorite dog walker more and more dis year. Mom and daddy are going back to Florida dis year for another football game and dey are hoping to catch up wif my momma Tracy and moms nephew and great nephew JP and Zack….Dey have a few other sporting event covered and a concert dat mom is dragging daddy to and believe me it will be dragging kicking and screaming because it is a country concert and dad would rather gouge his eyes out than have to listen to that ear bleeding music. So in closing I hope nothing but happiness and blessings for all my anipals and families for 2012…now let’s get this year going….mom…I need to see the calendar…I have some events of my own to schedule…thank you.

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