Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mom and dad are having fun ....without me

Mom and daddy are out and about having fun and I am never invited. They spend a lot of time at the gym, mom takes like 5/6 bike classes a week, something about having a big butt and the need to make it smaller. Dad says he goes to get big muscles, but mom says the only muscle he is working is his jaw because he talks to everyone in the gym, mom calls him a social butterfly, he knows everyone. They are even spending time with the doggie walker, she was supposed to be ours not hers, oy....le sigh si bark. I guess I'm going to have ti step up my game and request more attention and treats. Oh and speaking of has put her foot down on the whole going out 3 times and getting 3 treats now mom says we get one treat when we go out, if we do not finish and require subsequent trips outside we are no longer getting more treats ....her new motto is one and done whether we are done or not. I don't think this is fair, I has tried protesting but so far she is holding her ground something about the whole treat budget was getting to be more than the national debt....I don't think so, momma.

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marley said...

Hmmm....i fink on balance i give mum a small boo for witholdin treats...boooo