Saturday, January 14, 2012


Mom and daddy both had to go back to work  today, so I iz da man of da house, I iz on patrol. Mom saz I iz a very good patrol officer but Boo is better, she barks at everything, I only bark if dey get too close to da house, Boo barks if dey can be seen. Mom likes dat Boo iz like dis because she never has to worry about someone coming in the house without proper invitation. I will bark and advise of the situation to mom….dad iz not as happy wif dis plan, he like quiet time morning noon and night, but he does like the protection factor if he is not home, its him being home he does not like all da barking. I tell him I iz practicing. Daddy decided to not take da day position at da prison, so he will remain on his 3x11 shift which really makes mommy happy, she likes having da mornings together to hang out and spend time together. I like it too…I can cuddle wif dem till daddy goes to work den I get mom all to myself and we get to snuggle for hours till she leaves for work. Mom says dey has plans coming up dis week and we are going to be let on our own for a couple of hours, they never go anywhere so dis is huge, finally dey are getting out and having some fun, I don’t know exactly what they are going to be doing but, mom seems excited about it. Mom got her hair done today I told her she looks snazzy, dad said she looked girly…and wants to retire her elastic….no more ponytails except when she is running, mom hair was always up, who knew it was this long….I can chew it now it is so long,hehehee.

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marley said...

I barks at everyfing I can see if it approach our house...until they get real close then I get excited and try and lick em. Not the best deterrent for burglars perhaps...