Friday, August 28, 2009

Titan night out

Titan had a night out last weekend...he went to dinner wif mom,dad,papa,Grammy and my dads mom and calls dem da in laws, but she loves dem they just are not dog people so mom had some reservations about taking Titan, but the restaurant was an hour away and Titan only goes about 3 hours in the crate before he needs to go out because he is still very much a puppy. So off they went in the car, not the Jeep...daddy wanted to take the Jeep but mom said no, the Jeep is for Riley, he is the copilot of the Jeep that is his ride...way to go mom, I no like to share da Jeep...anyways where was again? oh yeah they left and mom says that Ty does very well in the car, he loves to travel which is a good thing cause mom takes him everywhere they go...he really is a traveling puppy. OK back to the mom and dad arrive and papa and Grammy are already there waiting for them, mom loves to see papa get excited when she arrives, he just beams at their arrival. Mom gets Ty out of the car and he runs right over to his papa, who just loves him to pieces, he gives papa lots of kisses. Mom gets his food all set up and water too and he goes and enjoys his dinner as does everyone else. Dad said he was a very good boy. Dads mom and dad show up and guess wha,t they think Ty is adorable and can't get enough of him, mom is relieved that they like him so much. Mom says Ty just let everyone pet him and when they were done he just went and laid down, he didn't bother anyone. Mom was so surprised how well he behaved and listened, every time mom said to sit, he did, he would also lie down on command, mom was a very proud mom indeed that day. When Ty got home he was exhausted from being out all evening and slept all night, mom was thankful for a full night sleep, which is very rare in our house since Ty's arrival, but we wouldn't have it any other way...he COMPLETES our family.

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