Friday, August 28, 2009


Hello, my mom is wonderful but man can she be today I nicely try and point out that she is with papa at the HOSPITAL and she turns up on my blog???? Hello mom....have we met? I am the one who blogs on MY blog not you, keep your paws to yourself over at your Blog...wherever it may be these seem to have forgotten you have a very eventful life and forgot to blog about it somewhere??? Mom please leave my blog to ME, you can visit yours and leave some nice funny stories there about me and AnnBoo and Titan, I know your blog misses you. I feel better now....So mom came home today and found me and AnnBoo lounging on the couch behaving ourselves, nothing much going on, just enjoying the nice weather we are having, no heat or humidity just a cool comfy 70 degrees, ahh then it happened....she let Titan out of his crate. Now I love this little guy and I use the word little loosely because man he is growing! He weighs in at a whopping 32 lbs, at this rate he may end up weighting more than me and I weigh 86lbs. Anyways where was I ? Oh yeah mom let Ty out of his crate and he comes running into the living room full tilt, he runs right over and grabs my ears, HELLO they are not chewies...someone? anyone? please teach this pup a thing or two about listening to me? After he was done chewing on the very not chew toys in the room he took off after AnnaBoo, she was not amused either, but hey she loves him and puts up with it. She played with him for about 45 minutes then looked at mom as if to say "ahh I have done your dirty work now get me the heck out of here" meaning open the baby gate so I can get away from him for a few minutes. Mom obliged and she was allowed to hit the big bed all alone, she was very happy to lay downl exhausted and comfy. I was all to familiar with how this was going to play out now that Boo had taken refuge in the bedroom...I was about to be attacked by Ty...when all of a sudden he lays down on the floor and falls asleep. HE FEEL ASLEEP!!! Mom could not believe it, Ty was sleeping in the middle of the day, holy cowoly there is a God. Ty Ty slept for about and hour, he woke to tell me, not mom that he needed to go outside, mom doesn't care who he tells as long as he tells someone he needs to go...he has now been housebroken now for about 2 weeks and mom is the happiest I have seen her in months. Ty went out and came back in and was content to chew on Larry da Lobsta for about 90 minutes, mom was in heaven. She got to rest her eyes...not sleep, she was all to aware that Ty was awake and at any minute could turn and chew something like the woodwork, the carpet or computer cords. Finally it was 8 pm and mom was exhausted as she had not slept in almost 36 hours, so off to bed we went, and can you believe it, Titan was still tired from all his running and chewing that he fell asleep. Mom was elated and soon was on snooze patrol herself, leaving me and AnnaBoo to look at each other and say " what are we waiting for?" I fell asleep minutes later. Daddy came home 3 hours later and took us outside and gave us a treat cause mom was awake long enough to tell him that we behaved for her....we got some of daddy's waffle, we love midnight waffles w/dad.

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