Friday, August 28, 2009


Hi everyone how are you all today...I am great, I get to hang out wif mom all day, she no have to go to work till 2am. Titan was a very good boy this morning, that was until daddy went to work then he became Titan the Terror. I have no idea why he loves mom so much, hehehe. He loves to drive mom crazy or at least keep her on her toes. He gives her a run for her money. AnnaBoo is being a very good girl today too, she took a nice nap wif daddy before he went to work, then she laid down wif mommy as she tried to figure out her netbook. I on the other hand is always a good boy. I played for hours wif Larry da Lobsta mom bought me for my birthday...I love him he is so much fun and I found his squeeky, he has two of dem and I make him squeek, mom really loves this especially when she tried to nap....ahh you bought it for me so i can squeek all I want. Mom wanted me to tell you all that I am the bestest puppy ever, no really she wanted me to tell you.

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