Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello, how is everyone? I know i have been away but I have to keep Titan in line and boy, some days that can be challenging let me tell you. He loves to remodel the house first he wasn't getting enough FIBER so he chewed the woodwork and when mom thought she had him "regular" he went and chewed the carpet in the kitchen...oh i tell ya if he weren't so darn cute ??? Mom and dad love him to pieces, we do too but man can you please stop chewing on the ears? I have made this comment before but I gonna have to say it ears are NOT chewies! We bought and gave you lots of bones to chew, so stay away from da ears! Annabelle was a little skittish of Titan at first not really knowing what to make of him and if he was going to be "staying" She finally realized he is "staying" so she better get used to him being there. She is fantastic with him, mom is so pleasantly surprised by how wonderful she is with him. Titan will bark, gnaw,chew and hang on her and she NEVER lets it bother her...she has amazed us all. I on the other hand, is feeling much better after my unfortunate adventure wif da vet and his FINGER....ahem ....I am feeling better and now i really get down and play wif lil Titan, he is a lot of fun. Mom says her house is now agrees.

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