Thursday, June 4, 2009

We went to visit dad in the hospital on Sunday, and we knew he was in the Cath Lab, because Ellen his RN called to let us know he would not be in his room and that the PA line they placed for surgery had to be removed immediately because It was Heparin coated and dad is allergic to Heparin and it was causing him to go in and out of Ventriculartachycardia. We arrived at MGH about 15 minutes later and called the desk to let them know wewere in thewaiting room, and to let us know when dad was back in his room….about 10 minutes later we hear over the inter come“CODE BLUE CODE BLUE IN THE CATH LAB” we panic, Dad is in the Cath Lab! I call the nurses desk and I am told that they don’t know anything yet and as soon as they do, they will get in touch with me, about 20 minutes of sheer panic and stress goes by and we see ELLEN walking in saying it was NOT dad, she reassures me he is fine and she spoke with him, he is ok.

He gets back to his room about 2 hours later and I cry out of fear, I finally BROKE! He is in good spirits and doing well, being sarcastic and cracking jokes. I walk out of there held up by Brian as I have nothing left, I am emotionally, physically and literally EXHAUSTED, 65 days of living on the edge, now we continue to wait for a new heart and hope one arrives soon….

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Tweedles -- that's me said...

We left you a message yesterday- but its gone!
We wanted to let you know we are keeping positive thoughts going for your family.
I hope this time- my message stays!