Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick update on Papa

We thought we had a heart on Friday night and we did up until a minute before surgery, when they called it off due to a bad donor heart, it would not hold a rhytham once it got back to Boston, the doctors and the balloon pump guy both said they made the right decision by not transplanting, it was a bad heart. We see him back in his room on Saturday afternoon and he is doing well and in good spirits and understands the need to call off the surgery. We went to visit him on Sunday and his nurse called to tell us he was in the Cath Lab and would be back in his room around 1pm. We arrive and wait in the waiting room only to hear CODE BLUE CODE BLUE in the CATH LAB. Can you say PANIC? We were not the only ones panicking, the whole floor was, everyone thought it was dad. They sent a nurse running down to see what was going on, she came into the waiting room about 20 minutes later to tell us it was NOT dad and she had spoken to him and reassured us he was fine. STRESSFUL 20 MINUTES!!!!!! I finally saw dad 2 hours later and just cried, I broke, that was it, he was ok…dad was ok. He is still ok and waiting for a new heart, we will get one, I know we will..this time it will be the RIGHT HEART!****

***posted by Mommy

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ZackRabbit said...

Riley, my little stuffing-filled-heart goes out to you and your family! We experienced something similar recently, and it was very VERY stressful!! Being a stuffed bunny, sometimes I can't articulate right, but I want you and your mom to know that I think about you guys EVERY DAY! and I keep sending her daddy lots of healing positive energy!! Please hug your mom for me!! *HUUUUGG* wish I could do more..

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

We are right there with you and your family through these stressful times. We are not giving up home. We all know how important papas and dads can be.
Thank you for keeping us informed cause we want to know,
love to you
tweedles and moms