Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mom has come undone

Hehehehe, not really but I thought that title would grab you, and now that I haz your attention….I gotz nuffin new to report sorta. So anyway we are all getting by and getting on here in dis house…not peacefully of course because Boo still does not want to play nice with Sandy but she has her moments, such as…mom found her sleeping outside of Sandy’s door and had her paws under da gate touching Sandys nose…I don’t know why when we take down da gate Boo thinks if ultimate fighting time…we call it UFP when they get into it…Ultimate fighting puppies…daddy calls it UFB as in ….you can figure it out mom just nicely advised me I cannot use that kind of language. Mom has no overtime dis week so we getz her all ourselves, woohoo! Daddy is going to take his overtime tomorrow as in Saturday afternoon and mom mentioned that dey are going to somefin called Applefest at Mt Wachusett tomorrow…I hope I get apple crisp with da crunchy topping, oooh how I love dat chunchy stuff on top, yummy.

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