Thursday, June 30, 2011


Where have i been well for dat you have to consult my momma....I feel bad for her she has been very sick lately and its all our fault, da pups fault.
See mom took us out to play nad normally we stay on leash but mom had a great idea to let us run off leash in da yard...we had such a good time, and we got to explore parts of da yard dat we never get to go was wonderful and mom and daddy loved watching us play and run and really have a great time while getting in good exercise.....that was until we came in and all took naps, daddy went to work and mom cuddled with us for hours. When we got up hours later mom had a pain behind her knee...she thought nothing of it, just getting old or it was the way she was sitting so she ignored it for a few more hours.....when mom finally decided to look and see why she was having so much pain she noticed a tick embedded in her leg, she pulled it out but after so many hours the damage was took a picture of the spot over th3e next few hours and went to the doctor a few days was confirmed ...deer tick and it carried Lyme was infected. Mom took her medication as prescribed and it made he sick..beyond sick, she was vomiting 2x a day after taking the was miserable. Mom says she took one for the team but is glad it is her who contracted the disease instead of one of us, she is a trooper, we love her. So dat is da story of where I has been....taking care of mom.

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ZackRabbit said...

OMB! is mom gonna be ok?? *worry worry* hope she is feeling better!! Titan, you make sure to take good care of mom, ok? sending snuggles and love xoxoxo