Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monday...Not a fun day

Mom and daddy volunteer their time every Monday to the local school and serve lunch to the elementary students.....
This Monday started off as any other Monday..then came the stairs.....dun dun dun...
Mom slipped on sand and hurted her ankle really bad. She can't drive or put weight on it for 2 weeks and cannot run for 6 weeks, dis does not make for a happy mommy at all...she is miserable and pissed...umm I mean very angry. Dad was not pleased to see mommy sitting on da ground and knew when she didn't get up it was bad....da nurse at da ER took off moms shoe and said " oh, that doesn't look good at all, lets get you right to
 x-ray" Mom knew things were going down hill fast at the comment. Mom HATES her crutches, she despises dem. Thankfully I iz giving her lots of snuggles to make her feel better, she really like dat, specially when my thumping tail lands on her ankle...she really loves dat...not so much!

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marley said...

I ope mum is feelin better my chum. I am catchin up wiv blog so mebbe there is other posts tellin me ow it is.