Monday, March 7, 2011

I was CRATED!!!!!

Mom went to the Bruins Game tonight with daddy and Bryan….
before the game they went to Boston Burger Company for dinner. Normally they don’t eat like this but it ws a night out in Boston and they had prepared for the dinner …as in all the damn workouts they have been putting in all week...
(resulting in more crate time)
Mom enjoyed and I do mean she throughly enjoyed her “Artery Clogger Burger” a deep fried burger with bacon, and cheese…yum-deli-iscious!
Daddy had the Hawaiian Bruger…burger,ham,pineapple and teriayki sauce
Bryan had “The King Burger”…burger with peanut butter, bacon and fried bananas…
he loved it, said the combination was delicious.
They also shared the most delicious basket of garlic parmasean cheese fries…scrumptious!

Wanna know what they brought me home????

That's right NUFFIN, but daddy did make us some nice hamburger to sprinkle over our may or may not have made up for the epic failure to bring us home sumfin...I hasn't decided yet, maybe a munchkin or 6 will satisfy me...HMM???

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marley said...

Boooooo to mum and dad. I am on strikes until you be gettin some burger....