Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Paddy's Day

Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!!

Did we were green? NO! 
Did we partake in green beer? NO!
Did we go to the vet? YES!!!!
Boo has an owie on her paw and mom was very worried it wasn't going to heal and/or it was going to get infected. The vet was very nice and said it was clean and healthy, no signs of infection. She did give mom a very powerful cayenne pepper no lick medicine to put on it to actually keep her from licking her owie, 
so far it is working nicely, no licking all day. 
Boo waiting her turn at da vet....
Boo Boo and her daddy.....
Boo at da vet
Boo Boo at the vet....anxiety has set in.
I will keep you updated as things develop...or hopefully DON'T develop!

1 PAWments:

marley said...

Oh deer Boo. I ope you paw be better tooday. Make sure ther is no likkin