Sunday, January 30, 2011



Dis post id dedicated to daddy, sometimes he kinda gets a bad rap but he is da bestest daddy in da whole world. My daddy is a Corrections Officer at the states worst prison...he has really bad men there, some you may have heard of Adam Lane (killed many women up and down the coast) and Neil Entwistle (the Brit who killed his wife and 9month old daughter and fled to England) yeah he deals wif really bad men. Mom and daddy met in prison they were officers together back in 2000 before mom left for the police dept....Oh yeah back to daddy...he is 39, though he will tell you there is NO WAY he is turning 40 this year, mom says he can't add because he was born in 1971 and its 2011 meaning anyway you add it up dad is turning 40! Daddy is in denial...he will get over it soon we hope. Anywhoozzles dad had both his hips replaced back in May 2008, he is doing great and is back to 100% again, he can do everything he did before and then some because he is no longer in pain....sometimes mom wishes he wasn't cause that man can run you ragged. He is non stop now that the hippers are brandy shiney new. Dad is a very loving gentle giant, however I tend to press his buttons...I love to get him going or as mom sez, keep him on his toes. He is so easy to get riled up, its so funny to watch because he will never tell me no...I love dis about him, he is da bestest dady. He gives me treats and feeds me table scraps when mom is not looking, she is like the warden in our house...she is all business when it comes to our health, dad is too but mashed potatoes never hurt anyone. Mom loves us so  much but she just making sure we are healthy and live long time to aggrivate daddy I fink.

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Bruschi said...

What a nice post about your Daddy! It sounds like he works in a scary place! He must be a brave man!

ZackRabbit said...

*bighugs* for Titan's daddy!! *wave wave* psst..I heard Titan wants more treats.. jst passin da message on... *wink*

marley said...

Ello for you dad. It nice to see you gettin a proper feature at last. No wonder Titan is so well behaved wiv two officers in da house. Woof.