Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Mom took her first yoga class today, she really liked it. She said it was an hour of nothingness. She really liked the whole stretch and relax part...she does this at home, i don't know why she thought she needed to go to the gym to relax. I help her relax all day...oh wait yelling "Titan?" is not relaxing...well she does it a lot so i thought she liked it, oops my bad. Boo is starting to eat more, fank goodness she was scaring for scaring mommy, we had tornado warnings at our house, we NEVER have tornado warnings, mom wouldn't let us go outside she said we would blow away like Toto did, ahhh who is Toto?

2 PAWments:

Bruschi said...

hi Titan! Glad your mommy found something like yoga to relax her a bit. My mommy tried it once and said it was boring....I think that is just cuz my mommy is so crazy she doesn't know HOW to relax! BOL!
We have those tornado warnings here too! We even have a scary radio that warns us when they are coming!!
Be careful!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

ZackRabbit said...

MOM! we can do yoga together now!! *stretching*
Tornadoes? SCARY!! *grabs Titan* ok, we hide together under the bed!!
BIG HUGS! xoxo