Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hi I iz still here I just don't get much 'puter time sayz dat is going to be fixed real soon cause i have lotz to tell. Just wanted to stop and and say my eye is doing great, mom sayz i iz as handsome as ever so dat is good to hear. 
Mom and daddy haz to go into Boston dis week to Fenway Bark, oh i mean Park...i fink dis is where daddy said he is going to see da Green Monsta...why in da heck would he want to see a green monsta, he iz weird, but oh well he'z my dad. Mom sayz she is excited to go because this is da one time dey get to go to da ballpark and sit in REALLY expensive seats and enjoy a double header...ahhh I don't fink i like the sound of dat? Double header? Doez dat mean you will be gone ALL DAY??? oh well dat means Auntie Erin and Papa will come and visit wif us and take us out to...well you know what we do outside i don't have to paint a picture for you, right?

dis is me afta along nap, i needed another one, hehehehe
here is Titan, he is getting so big and uhhmmm BAD!!! he chews everything, but we love him.
me Titan and Sandy hanging out under daddy's chair

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Bruschi said...

Hi Riley. Thanks for checking in! Glad to hear that your eye is on the mend! The Green Monstah sounds scary!! We have a sign in our garage that says something about the Green Monstah.......spooky! BOL!

PS- Mommy likes your rug!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

marley said...

Rilly glad you eye is better my pal. Wof

ZackRabbit said...

Riley, I miss you!! sending love to your mom and dad xoxox