Friday, July 23, 2010


Mom sayz I am in da Doghouse and she does not see me getting out anytime soon. 
I may have accidentally CHEWED her baby blanket.
I said accidentally...its not like she found me wif it in my mouf, oh wait she did,
  I can explain..... I was moving it off da dresser and I kinda got it stuck on my toof and was pulling to get it free, really pulling.... but only to get it free, HONEST!!! you still love me???? 
I give you big sad puppy eyes.....

3 PAWments:

blindmaximus said...

Oh, Titan, I think that was a BAD DOG thing to do! *whispers* But I know she'll forgive you!

Bruschi said...

Uh Oh Titan! Well, luckily for us doggies, the humans forgive us rather quickly. I used to chew holes through the walls in our house and all I'd have to do is give her my sad eyes and it was as if nothing had ever happened!

ZackRabbit said...

ruh-roh!! Titan!! you're not supposed to stress out mom!! But I know she still loves you, go give her a big hug and nosekisses!! xoxo