Saturday, January 16, 2010


Mom told me she and daddy were gonna go paint the old house yesterday...well I'm not sure how much paint actually made it on da walls cause mommy was covered in purple paint, she looked pretty but paint stinks, I no like it. Daddy said he painted da ceilings and da walls in da hallway, but I no believe him, he wasn't wearing any paint. Mom painted and wore paint, daddy says he painted but no paint to be found, hmmm whats a pup to fink? Is someone lying or did daddy change his clothes??? Mom and daddy say dey are going back today to finish up some more will finish da bafroom and daddy will work on da living room and hallways, dey say if dey have time dey are gonna start da bedroom. I don't fink dey gonna have time cause mommy is gonna wanna sleep and if she doesn't get to sleep she can be CRANKY!!!!! I fink daddy will bring her n=home and den go back and finish so he no have to listen to her complain about not sleeping....if he was smart this would be the plan.

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ZackRabbit said...

hmmm.. purple paint, you say? So I assume mommy got her way with the EGGPLANT colour! *snicker* yah, Riley, make sure mommy gets enough sleep! hehe! HUGS! xoxo