Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New stuff

Mommy tells me we have heat at da old house, now I can go for rides over der and visit. We have heat and water, woohoo...mommy was at da old house last night and it was 64 degrees, mommy was laughing cause the house has never been 64 degrees before, we like it on da cool side or at least mom does, me NOT SO MUCH!!! I got short fur and not a lot of I haz to be under my blankies. Mom says she is going to paint this weekend and next..she mentioned changing the kitchen to a reddish color...I fink it will be cool, but DON"T move my food dish...leave it right where I left it, on da floor next to da no no don't touch it. She also said she is painting her and daddy's bedroom, she finks she is going to paint it eggplant but I don't fink daddy is going to let her, hehehehehe. Mommy I fink will get her way she always does, but don't tell daddy, I tell him he wins so I not hurt his feelings. Eggplant, not sure how I'm going to spin the daddy win on this one but I a smart pup, I'll figure it out, I haz to our manly pupness is at stake.

1 PAWments:

ZackRabbit said...

wow.. eggplant.. hehehe.
sounds like a lot of work for mommy! please give her extra cuddles!!
LUV, Zackary xoxo