Monday, January 4, 2010


Hi to all my friends, we as a household didn't do much today...we kinda all just hung out. Mom and I cuddled for some of da morning, then she and daddy went to visit Gram and guess what? They didn't take Sandy. Nope she stayed home wif me...we cuddled on da couch, it was very cold outside mommy said, somefin like 10 degrees. I know it was cold cause mommy put my stylish coat on me so I could go outside, she loves me, she really loves me, hehehe. When mom and daddy got home I guess it was time for football cause daddy had that glazed over look in his eyes as he watched the big talking square box. He shouted at da fing many calls it da TV, but I call it da big talking box. Anyway...Titan was kinda a god boy at least I didn't hear dad say any of dos bad words at him. Annabelle needed her barking collar today...I fink she got a little too comfortable not having it on, but boy did she remember what it was when she tried to bark at Sandy over of all fings my space on da couch wif daddy...ahem girls.... dat spot is mine!!!!!! Later in da day I decided I'd had enough of da pups I was gonna go nappy wif mom...and she cuddled me right up and we slept till she had to go to work.

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ZackRabbit said...

sounds like a perfect day!! *big smiles*