Monday, September 20, 2010

Letter to mom

Dear Mom,

    I love you dearly, really I do, BUT could you please make Annabelle STOP growling at me! I haz had enough, I iz done wif her attitude..I am going to consult a lawyer, I fink Ruffus Rabbit will know a good injury attorney...cause I could get her for emotional distress and snip marks on my head. She is really hindering my bed privileges, I try and be good and not chew, but hey sometimes during da night I need to reposition and Annabelle comes up snarling and growling at me, not fair I iz trying to be good. YOU saw her in action da otter day....when she growled at me and I jumped up, jumped over you, hit the floor running, zoomed into my crate so hard I knocked the door shut...i was done wif her, dat day it was just not worth being on da big bed. I will take the sanctity of my crate any day over her fangs.
Titan... Wonder Puppy

2 PAWments:

marley said...

Oh deer. That's noy good my pal. I do get same from Lola sumtimes. She do put the bitey on me and I dont fight back. I fink is the best way

ZackRabbit said...

awww.. poor Titan!! I will send over Rufus right away.. he gonna take some photographs of those scraps and bitie marks!! *hugs Titan* MOM!! u watchin dis??