Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Name????

I am QUICKLY shedding my title of The TERRORIST and taking on da Title Pooper Patrolman. I tell daddy whenever someone has to poop, and I iz GOOD at it. However we haz a system worked out where I will go out and go, then we come inside den about 10 minutes later I let dad know Boo has to go out, she goez out and I get a fee for my services (another cookie) Den i wait a few more minutes and tell Daddy Sandy needs to go out and after she comes in I getz ANOTHER cookie...I haz a good thing going, Dis does NOT work wif mommy...she no give extra cookies, cause she is a smart COOKIE. *SIGH* mom too smart sometimes for MY own good, but I can givez her sad puppy dog eyes and melt her heart and sometimes get a 1/2 a cookie,
 HALF A COOKIE???...I fink she calls dis weight control, I callz it "unfair labor and wage practices"...I fink I may need to hire an attorney, cause I not being paid ALL fees (complete whole cookies) for services rendered.

1 PAWments:

ZackRabbit said...

are you looking for a cookie lawyer? *shoves Rufus over to Titan* here ya go buddy!! Rufus Rabbit, cookie attorney... hee hee! he will get u more cookies! *wink*