Friday, April 30, 2010

set backs stinkers

I kinda have a bit of a set back going on, you see mommy came home from work yesterday to find me outside wif daddy going for a small morning walkie, she came up and was going to give me kisses till she saw my eye, mind you it doesn't hurt but mommy just looked and stared and then said, "what the BLEEP happened to his eye?" I knew right then my eye must not look good, cause mommy was using some really bad words, .....papa dos words were BAD, wif a capitol B. Anyway I gotz my kisses but not afta mom said I needed to go right in and get some ointment in my eye...let me tell you I get ointment in my eye every hour, dis is NOT da highlight of my day, but mom sayz its good for me. So in da house we go and mom getz out da yucky stuff and squirts it in my eye, yucky yuck yuckers. I got a really good treat afta so its not all bad. Then mom and daddy leave for the gym, they return home and mom says she really doesn't like the look of my eye but the last time this happened all they did was give me Rimadyl and ointment and sent me home, so mom haz both and is using them both to clear up my eye. She takes such good care of me, its not funny. Mom can't wait to come home and check my eye today, I hope it looks better, if not I may have to go back to the vetz...I have had enough visits der, I'm all set wif dat for awhile.

3 PAWments:

marley said...

We fink you will always be lookin handsome Rilee

blindmaximus said...

Vet visits for eyeballs are the WORST! I hope it clears up!

Bruschi said...

OH Riley! I sure hope your eye is better soon! You have a wonderful Mommy who loves you to bits and pieces! She will take the best care of you so don't you worry!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi