Thursday, April 15, 2010


Mom asked me if I wanted to go for our morning walk this morning...I waz like DUH??? of course I want to go for my walkie. So mom put on my leash and off we went down the stairs and thats when it hit mom we were not going for a walk we were going for a RUN! I was feeling so good I wanted to go running this morning and running I did, but you should have seen me dragging mom, she couldn't keep up, I kept looking back as if to say " if you can't keep up, let go of the leash, you're holding me back."  I think she would have been happier if I told her we were running so she could have changed her shoes, oops bad doggie no biscuit. We went for a nice run then we returned home for some treats and water...ok turn about is fair play right? when mom gave me my favorite treat...FRENCH TOAST STIX they had a new ingredient in them...she slipped my meds in der...dats unacceptable. I was not happy but hey French toast stix wif meds is better dan no French toast stix at all right? Mom didn't even make me share wif da otta pups, how cool is dat, i haz dem all to myself. I manged to sucker dad in to a walkie later in da day, but he laid down da law before we left he told me " DIS IS A WALK NOT A RUN, GOT IT?" yeah yeah old man i got stuff wif da mommy only.

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