Saturday, April 2, 2011


I may or may not have ANNOYED daddy all day while mom got in some much needed and well deserved sleep. Daddy had the day off...and it was a good day to have off too...why????

Becaused it SNOWED!!!!!
We got about a foot of snow and as you can imagine dad was NOT happy! He is a snow HATER. I LOVE da snow, what is his problem? I don't get it SNOW is wonderful! Snow is pawsome, i can run and jump and play in it....but da most fun is turning it YELLOW!!!!
Mom slept because her ankle was bothering her and she had to work the nioght before and last night....but she is on her days off now so I can drag her out into da snow...yes drag her...cause she no move to quick on dat busted ankle of hers...daddy calls her his gimpy girl....I can't write what mom calls daddy, BOL.

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marley said...

Snow! Wow. We got summer sun now and is almost 70 degrees. I cant imagine snow any more. Careful wiv mum when you go out tho my pal.