Friday, November 19, 2010


Hello der ...Mom is giving me strick orders that if I do not blog at least every other day she iz going to give my blog away to the highest bidder...dat iz NOT fair!!!! I iz a very buzy pup you know, i haz lots to do in my never ending mis-adventures. I haz to make sure I bark every time someone enters the house, I haz to annoy daddy on a daily basis many, many times a day, I require numerous walks throughout the first half of the day, because we all know the second half is spent cuddling wif mommy and GAWD...don't get me started if that tart doesn't get enough sleep, PALLLESE! Anywhoozers back to my mis-adventures...I will more often than not have to go outside to do my business, and receive my treat...ok ok ok I can hear dad now.."You have to go out AGAIN?' No, actually if you just give me the treat we can skip the whole going outside for no reason business, but you don't seem to get that, so...outside we will go. Now if my dad was as smart as he claims to be, and yes he claims this often...he would pick up on the scam but NO, he has not figured it out so, as mom says " If he is dumb enough to get up, get dressed and put on shoes to take me out I am dumb enough to provide a trickle of pee and get my fee" Oh maybe I should note we as in ME run many a treat making scams in da house....the above mentioned scam is #1. Scam #2 is I go out and pee, then I go inside and wait a few minutes then continue to annoy daddy till he takes me out again to poop. Now this is considered a scam because ...I know I have to poop when I go out the first time BUT, I know if I go inside I get a treat...thus making the second trip outside a free follow up treat for doing da business. Daddy doesn't get that if he was PATIENT and stood outside for, oh I don't know ANOTHER minute I would have the URGE to go then and not feel the need to walk in da house and hang out for a minute then request a second trip outside.My misadventures usually stop right around 2pm EST time because if you follow me on twitter (@lilkingtitan) you would know 2pm is NAPPY-TIME for me and mom. Its our snuggle cuddle time and nothing gets in the way of a good nappy, unless mom has overtime then things well they always seem to go downhill fast on these iz a BEAST without sleep! This is not my opinion this iz FACT!!!! Go ask daddy he will tell you if mom doesn't get her sleep he would rather VOLUNTEER 8 hours at the prison, because there the beasts (inmates) are locked up where at home mom is FREE and usually, ok never a person you want to deal with....Michael Myers and Freddy Kruger have nothing on her. She kinda reminds me of Cujo.

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I'm Mommy's Little Pooh ... Lainey said...

HAHAHAHAAHAHHA your Killing me! This is pretty FUNNY cuz we TRY that here but Mommy will have NONE of that.... so There has been so throw here and there but thats it! KUDOS to you for the EXTRA COOKIES!!!! hOoOoowwWlLlS