Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well mommy is finally letting me get on my bloggie, but it is only to tell you that I am moving and won't be on all that much over the next few days. We have to wait for internet service at da new house, stupid  stupid stupid...I want to blog...I iz a bloggie doggie don't dey understand? Mom sayz to be patient and dey may have a cancellation, yeah right...I fink she is trying to pacify me. I haz lots to tell you but no time to get it all in....Daddy and mommy are both on vacation now while we are moving...oh did I mention we are moving on Wednesday and Tuesday we are getting a snow storm...I bet you can imagine how so very happy this makes mommy. Mommy loves the first snow fall...then she is DONE wif snow for the rest of the winter.

3 PAWments:

Bruschi said...

Moving again Riley? Are you moving into that new house that you posted pictures about not too long ago? Tell the internet people that blogging is most important so to hook that up first! BOL!
Good luck with the move and dealing with that cold white stuff!!!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

ZackRabbit said...

I hope the moving is going well!! *paws crossed* and that it didn't snow too much! HUUUUGS! miss you! xoxo

Riley said...

We are in da new house and I wuv it so ,much. Mom is happy dat she finally has internet again, and I can be a bloggie doggie again. mom has new pic of da house dat dey renovated