Friday, September 23, 2011


Mom sez we get to have a puppy party today because she is home wif us all day…. We iz going to play and go for a walk and just hang out because mom sez dat is all she wants to do wif us today. Daddy iz working dis aftanoon but he said afta sda dentist he is going to take me for a special daddy/son walkie….I wuv des walks. Mom sez we haz no plans for tomorrow either, just hanging wif da family, me mom, dad, Sandy, and Boo Boo…iz gonna be a great weekend. In other news mom iz going to have a  lot more long days ahead because she has lots and lots of every time coming up in October but all the time she spends at work iz taking a toll on her happiness, now don’t get me wrong mom loves her job and some of the people she works wif, but the long days away from us is really making some things lonely for mommy…and she is very lucky to have a job with great benefits and has and endless amount of overtime, she knows she should not complain and really she isn’t, she just needs to have enough energy left afta long today to hang wif us pups and maybe have a night out wif daddy and some friends…she needs to make sure she has a life outside of the police station…daddy scared the bageebees out of her last night….he was an hour late getting to mommy because his prison had a major count delay….meaning they thought one of da inmates had escaped, so everyone was locked down till they could get a good count…..finally they did get a good count and daddy was allowed to go home. No calls in or out of da prison, so mom was so scared she was really shaking in her booties. Mom really loves daddy and was truly scared, truly scared that something inside the prison had gone wrong…they are having a lot of riot issues lately, and mom was scared something had happened.Ok dis iz too heavy for one lil ole pup to bear so I iz gonna go and watch for mommy to come home…she should be arriving in 45 minutes….woohoo 45 minutes till da momma gets home…yippee!!!!

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marley said...

I ope you do be avin a pawsome weekend my pal. You let me know ow it go.